Nuvolaria - Progetti

Italian design, technology too

FIXO – Smart Home

The Smart Disc has landed at home

FIXO is a voice controlled home assitant: an eye catching device that features a full set of apps

FIXO – Smart Room

The smart side of the room

FIXO Smart Room is a room assistant that helps any kind of accommodation facility to improve the overall quality of guest experience and to boost upselling and cross selling revenues through targeted direct ads

Nuvolaria - Attività

we think so we do

Design Industriale

Industrial design

Product design has always been our great passion. Shape is our source of inspiration. Our ideas are born from the union of shape and need. We create products, with imagination and creativity, that meet everyone's needs.

Prototipazione rapida

Fast prototyping

Our extensive collaborations and internal and external human resources allow us to create models to be tested in a short time. With 3D printing we make prototypes to test the designed boards and support software. This process allows us to develop the final product very quickly

Soluzioni Software

Software solutions

We develop responsive, mobile first and customized websites according to customer needs. We create customized software with modern technologies. With our contributors we create native apps, PWA and web apps to meet the requests received.





  • Success of the crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo
  • Entry into the company of Longway Investments, an investment fund chaired by Fernando di Gaetano, former manager of Natuzzi and Parmalat
  1. Nuvolaria è selezionata tra le 100 startup da 28 paesi del mondo per l’evento StartUp100 event at Dublin Tech Summit
  2. Participation in the Tech Connect Live in Dublin and the Web Summit in Lisbon




  • Ingresso in società dell’imprenditore cinese Wang Ying enters the company
  • Participation in WTM London, all’ITB Berlin and BIT in Milan
  • FIXO is 1st in the ranking of FactoryImpresa solutions for tourism
  • Launch of FIXO Suite for the hospitality sector
  • Partecipazione all’HOST B2B – Basic 2 Business, non-hotel fair
  • TTG Travel Experience of Rimini




  • Experimentation of the FIXO system for restaurants
  • Patent, design and brand development of the ELIO project
  • Patent, design and brand development of the MEETA project
Dicono di noi

About us



Vito Minchilli

CEO & Product Designer

Computer Science

University of Pisa

Riccardo Di Menna

Chief Software Engineer

Computer Science

University of Pisa

Fernando Di Gaetano


Economics and Business

Bocconi of Milan

Gianni Di Pietro


Economics and Business

LUISS University of Rome

Wang Ying enters the company

International Trade

International Trade

Nanjing Agricultural University

Marco Mescia

Electronics Engineer


University of Perugia

Gianluca Venturi

Mechatronic Engineer

Mechanical Engineering

University of Rome

Gianfranco Guglielmi

Web Designer & Developer

Economic and Social Sciences

University of Molise

Marco Zollo

Software Engineer

Computer Science

University of L’Aquila

Alessandro Di Stasi

Design Engineer

PhD Engineering

University of Parma

Claudio Mescia

PR & Communications Specialist

International Communications

University of Perugia

Diego Simone

Business Developer

BA in International Management

University of Rome

Lucio Di Gaetano

Financial Strategist

Business Law

LUISS University of Rome


Strada Orefici, 45 – 86100 Campobasso (CB)
13626 4780 (93+)

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